Wednesday, May 18, 2022

New Summer 2022 NKU Art Prep Art Workshops

Northern Kentucky University Art Preparatory believes that the arts
are the bridge to imaginative and real worlds that can expand thinking
across cultures, help students learn how to solve problems and further
develop talent in our region. Art Prep provides community and continuing
education programs of the highest quality to students of all ages and abilities
and strives to enrich the culture of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern
Kentucky regions through engaging artistic
experiences and outreach initiatives.

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     Summer 2020 Workshop Offerings 

Online Collage Art Workshop (Adults and Ages16+)

Collage is the art of recycling. It takes the old and makes it new again
through fragmenting, recontextualizing and combining imagery in new and
interesting ways. This four-week online workshop explores the many
possibilities that collage can offer.
Several techniques will be explored in this hands-on workshop including
creating visually compelling imagery through the use of layering, using
color effectively, how to create a strong composition and more.
This workshop is open to both beginner and advanced artists.
A material list will be provided before the course starts.
Instructor: Randel Plowman
Schedule: June 4-25

Workshop meets online using Zoom, every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
EST. Zoom meetings and demos are recorded, so you can watch later
if you choose. All content can be downloaded and viewed anytime
throughout the course using a virtual online classroom.
Space is limited, so sign up early.
This workshop is for adults ages 16 and up. Space is limited to 15 participants.

Teachers can earn 10 Professional Development hours!



Experimental Character Design In-Person (AGES 13-18)

In this four-day workshop, you will create characters and visual settings
for your characters using analogue, digital, and hybrid approaches of making.
Drawing, collage, scanning, and the basics of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
will be taught.
Characters can be found in illustrated books, comics, animation, design,
and countless other places. This workshop will expose participants to a
variety of character styles, hone their ideas for developing character
concept, and expand their approaches to visually communicating
figure and settings.
If you are student interested in developing skills in character design a
nd experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, this
workshop if for you!

Instructor: Julia Sebastian
Assistant Student Instructor: Anna Dailey


June 6 – 9, 2022 from 12:00 - 2:00 pm in the Northern Kentucky Fine Arts Center.

This workshop is for teens aged 13-18 years old. Space is limited to 12.

More information at:

Summer Artmaking Workshop In-Person (Ages 8 - 10)

If you are a parent who has a child that is hands-on and creative, consider
this four-day in-person art workshop for them. In this four-day workshop
students will be exploring a different project each day to better understand t
he elements and principles of design that help make artwork more
interesting and exciting.

Monday – Aboriginal Dot Art  

Tuesday – Calder Wire Portraits    

Wednesday – Kandinsky Squares with Concentric Circles   

Thursday – California Impressionism Landscape with Poppies 

Instructor: Lillie Tucker
Mentor Instructor: Julia Sebastion

Schedule: June 13-16

Workshop meets Monday through Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.
This workshop is for children ages 8-10.

More Information at:

Art of the Risograph In-Person (Adults and Ages 16+)

What is a Risograph?

Risograph printing is a technique best described as a ‘digital screen
printing’. The process is much like screen printing, but with the convenience
of an office copier. It’s known for its vivid colors and its specific textures.
These machines deliver ‘perfect imperfections’ and provide a cheap and
easy method for reproducing work at large quantities, like posters,
prints and zines.

This four-day, in person, workshop focuses on the basic techniques for
risograph printing. Emphasis is placed on printing multiple color layers
and registration. Participants can use digital or hand drawn elements
or a combination of both, to create a large edition one-page artist zine,
where personal content will be explored.  This workshop is open to
both beginner and advanced artists.

Instructor: Randel Plowman
Assistant Student Instructor: Sydney Bryan 

Schedule: June 13-16 in the Printmaking Studio - FA 102

Workshop meets live on NKU’s campus Monday through
Thursday from 6-8pm est. This workshop is for adults ages 16 and up.
Space is limited to 10 participants.

Teachers can earn 10 Professional Development hours!

More information at:

Screen Printing for Teens In-Person (Ages 13 - 18)

In this four-day workshop students will learn the basics of screen
printing, including hand drawn elements and using digital imagery
and photo emulsion.
This workshop will focus on two projects:
• Creating a limited-edition screen print on paper using drawing
  fluid and screen filler.
• Creating a digital screen print on a tee shirt using film and photo
  sensitive emulsion.

(Tee shirts will be provided) 

This workshop is open to anyone ages 13-18. All supplies will be included.

Instructor: Amanda Bollman
Mentor Instructor: Randel Plowman

Schedule:June 20-23

Workshop meets live on NKU’s campus Monday through Thursday from
2:00 - 4:00 pm. This workshop is for ages 13-18.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

More information at:

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