Friday, January 27, 2023

Master Class in Collage / March 4 -April 8, 2023


Master Class In Collage 

Collage is the art of recycling. It takes the old and makes it new again
through fragmenting, re-contextualizing and
combining imagery in new and interesting ways.
This six-week course explores the many possibilities that collage can offer. 
This six-week course starts Saturday, March 4 and runs through Saturday, April 8, 2023.

Several new techniques will be explored in this hands-on workshop including: creating visually
compelling imagery through the use of layering, how to use colors and textures effectively, and how create strong compositions within your work and more. 
This class will meet every Saturday via Zoom and will use an online classroom called Canvas, which will allow participant to share work, view videos, demos and projects. All video demos will
be recorded to watch at any time. 
If you should have a question or concern please contact me at:  
Complete 6-Week Course is $149

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