Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished Length

Finished Length
collage of paper
4" X 4" 03.15.06


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea! congrats on your site and your brillant motivational one-collage-a-day work! i applaud you. you are a talented artist.......will enjoy seeing whatyou come up with! sincerely, wendy lee lynds from washington state

Anonymous said...

what a no nonsense approach to showcasing and selling your art...great idea. i enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more!

warm regards,
baby smith

Corey said...

Hi Randel, thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on creativity! Learning to let go and just go with it is something I've gradually gotten better at- it's a hard thing to do, but my art is better when I'm able to get to that place. I really like this collage of yours, and I admire your plan to do a collage a day. I'll continue to check your blog and see how you're doing with it!