Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired : In Bookstores Now!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new collage book out and it is available now at most major booksellers.
In it I  talk about some of the techniques that I use in my own collages. There is also a section on materials, including glues and supports. It features hundreds of images of collages that I've created over the years.
I have also created a site for the book that includes a link to share your work, links the sites that offer downloadable imagery, featured artists, resources and workshop.
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Go to:
to have a look.

You order the book here 
or can it be picked up at most major book sellers.

he Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired [Paperback]
Now Available At Most Major Booksellers
Both a popular hobby and a recognized art form, collage encompasses a wide range of creative styles and techniques--explored here by the creator of the popular A Collage a Day blog. Offering step-by-step instruction, visual inspiration, and even a library of copyright-free images, this hands-on guide covers all the necessary materials, tools, and know-how, from adding color and transferring images, to d├ęcollage (tearing away layers). And to spark the reader's imagination, there are 52 creativity prompts, such as a collage using the letters of a single word.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

I am looking forward to your book. I will order it from Amazon. Good luck with it ,,,I know it will be a sell-out for sure!

lisa lewicki hermanson said...

I have ordered the book - looking forward to it when it is ready!

Nicole Austin said...

i have always wanted to take a workshop with you but live on the other side of the US. i am really looking forward to your book (just pre-ordered it, thank you!)

Planet Susannia said...

Dear Randel,
You won´t believe it, but I follow for a while your blog, and yesterday I´m just back from New York, where I discovered and purchased in the great bookstore Barnes & Noble your amazing workbook.
I have an assembling magazine called "22", and Travis Medford was also a contibutor of some issues.
I use some of the technics you also prefered, but this book will be a great source of inspiration for me.
You created a basic book for all collagist of the future.
Greetings from Germany: Susanna Lakner

Cyndi L said...

Just received a review copy, and I LOVE it. Will be posting a review very soon :-)

Cate Rose said...

Would be nice to be able to Look Inside the book on Amazon. Please do that for us, or have your publisher do it. I'm much more liable to buy a book I can see the innards of first! Thanks much.