Thursday, January 07, 2010

Masters: Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists

My new collage book is due out in May 2010.
You can pre-order yours here and
save 34 %.

Meet the Masters of Collage!

Versatility, innovation, inspiration—that’s what The Masters series offers artists and crafters, and this superb new collection offers a stunning look at contemporary collage work from approximately 40 leading artists. It features a breathtaking mix of techniques from traditional cut-and-paste to digital to collage with paint or encaustic, and styles ranging from wildly playful and colorful to evocative, almost monochrome images.

Each highlighted master takes center stage in an informative eight-page feature that includes nearly a dozen gorgeous, high-quality photos plus a short essay by curator Randel Plowman placing the impressive work and its creator in context.

The innovative featured artists include:

Cecil Touchon - Jonathan Talbot - Lynne Perrella - Lynn Whipple - James Michael Starr


rachel awes said...

i was blog surfing and found yours...i just love your daily mission and the beauty that's coming out of you! congratulations on your book coming out!! that's huge and magnificent! best to you.


thank you rachel!