Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somerset Studio Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

Somerset Studio will feature my work along with an interview in their Jul/Aug 2010 issue. It is available in book stores through August.

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Karen said...

Congrats on the coverage!

Mary said...

I purchased a copy the other day. I enjoyed reading your interview.

I am also looking forward to receiving the collage piece I purchased tonight.

Now I think I will order you book! :)

Have a good night!

Unknown said...

Well, congratulations! AND, that's not all. HA! I just wrote about you over on my blog and you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!
Enjoy! Pam

Cynthia said...

That is just great that they are featuring you...that magazine has changed quite often throughout the last years and turning,,,a lot of times...almost "kitschig" at times...this time they picked a winner :)
I will go buy my copy today...thanks for the tip!
Love your book!!! Fabulous inspiration!

Unknown said...

It's a great article, Randal! I had first read about you in the HOW article a couple years back but they did a nice job using different info - and of course, your life is changing by moving to the Tundra. :D Congrats on your admission to the Master Printmakers' program! Are you going to be able to hang out at the Silver Buckle Press? :D

Sharmon Davidson said...

Congrats, Randel- that's great! I'm going to go buy a copy (if I can find it anywhere)!)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I read your article in somerset studio...congratulations...what great exposure for your collage art! your pieces are wonderful...i love your vision and your creative style!

keep up the great works!

creative carmelina

Susan HP said...

I just bought this issue at B&N yesterday, and was so excited to see your beautiful collages!

Keely Livings said...

Congratulations! Love your collages.